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Byju’s and Beyond:

The Rise & Fall of Indian EdTech Titans

India’s EdTech landscape

All through the year 2020, edtech in India has played a prominent role in keeping the Indian education system intact, amidst the pandemic and nations’ need to minimize gatherings. Whilst the colleges and universities had a chance to improvise themselves, edtech organizations were the ones who maintained harmony between societal confusion & students. 

Despite the leap towards virtual & distance education has seen a sudden spike, the students who were really keen to attend schools physically were very few. Then came the wave of learning from home and people were moved by the outcome and edtech had to see a way out to prove themselves worthy of the trust and money. Despite this challenging scenario, Indian edtech managed to raise funds of $560.8M in 1st & 2nd quarters alone with two notable takeovers: WhiteHat Jr acquired by BYJUs for $300M & Aakash Institute bought for a whopping sum of $1B in 2020 which gave them significant offline presence too!

Edtech stats in india

The Rise & Fall of Indian EdTech Titans

Indian edtech has seen enormous growth these recent years.  Initially pioneered by a few startups like Educomp in the early 2000’s, the sector has been raging recently towards making $30 billion by 2025. Biggies like BYJU’S and Unacademy have redefined learning, offering comprehensive & personalized learning. Moreover, along with these titans can be seen a few startups which fail due to lack of consistency. While market potential for these is crystal clear, many are struggling post pandemic to adapt to consumer sustainability.

Byju’s - A case study

Named after its founder Byju Raveendran, Byju’s was the pioneer of how students must be learning in a global way. The importance of Byju’s in the Indian education system can never be overrated. In its peak, the company was valued at 22 billion USD, making it worlds most profitable edtech venture.

Despite its initial success, Byju's has faced a series of significant challenges. These include an unfortunate shift towards hardware sales as well as issues with financial mismanagement and governance, not to mention ethical concerns regarding aggressive marketing tactics. All these factors have contributed considerably to stakeholders’ dissatisfaction and paved the way for lawsuits.

The falling of a big tree - BYJU’S

The news of byju’s in recent timeline-

  • BYJU'S was infamous for its toxic workplace policies & invasive customer charges.

  • BYJU'S is witnessing a rapid decline in its customer base.

  • BYJU’s notable board members and their departures from the company.

  • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)'s) has launched a probe into numerous financial discrepancies.

  • BYJU’s net worth has dropped to 10M USD from 22M USD.


BYJU’S case study serves as a cautionary tale for the edtech industry, reminding the need for sustainable growth and ethical practices. Success always relies on resilience, transparency and a commitment to quality education. In this generation of AI,  its human responsibility to sow along with adaptability and ethical leadership that reaps long term impact and vision for generations.

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